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Product description

Maximum Protection
Your files anywhere
BeyondTheCloud OMNI-BUNKER vs 100% cloud based software

The benefits of Omni-Bunker are numerous :

Way more secure

  • Your files remain encrypted at all time, and only you can decrypt them.
  • High Security Cloud
    The files you have stored in the cloud are in high security.
    The files remain encrypted and only you can access them.

Way more efficient

  • Omni-Bunker runs directly on your computer.
    This provides optimal performance; you will not be limited to your internet speed.
  • You can work offline (without internet connection)


Cloud on request : Less expensive approach

  • Most of the time you will work from your computer and this does not consume bandwidth, so no charge from your ISP.
  • Cloud Backup
    Setup your folders for which you want a cloud backup
    to be performed.
    The OMNI-BUNKER will automatically save your files
    as soon as a change is detected.

The Omni-Bunker is a software that will be installed locally on your computer.
It is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7.